Sunday, March 07, 2004

Bonecrker #66 - Singles Events

You have to be really careful at any “singles” event. Just like the women at the clubs (supposedly a place to meet others interested in finding a partner), these women aren’t there to meet a man. They are there to have their ego stroked. Sure, occasionally they will “binge” and go home with some random guy. But, for the most part, no guy will do. They will rationalize this in various ways that boil down to there are no good guys here (so what if they are all 6′s and 7′s and she is a 4). But the problem is her. The last thing she is interested in, is discovering if any of the guys she is attracted to (and she is attracted to a significant number) is compatible with her. Although she is attracted to a number of them (many times, you included), none of you has any more chance with her than some random chick you pass on the street. Unlike women you pass on the street, however, a huge number of the girls at the singles events are really into leading you on. What fun!

The other sad thing is that few women have interests until they get old, fat and married (which is exactly the type of woman you will meet at any interest you have). The exception to that is the gym. However, an increasing number of women are going to women’s only gyms.

In my experience, there are only two places where you meet lots of women. The first is in college classes, particularly college classes designed for people who are a waste of space… classes, acting classes, intro psychology classes, pop culture classes etc. The second is via a network of friends. You should always be on the lookout to add male and female friends to your network because they bring prospective women into your sphere of influence. However, it’s important to be selective with the type of person it is. If you have a buddy who is a drug-using criminal, guess what type of women he will bring into your sphere of influence. She has the same chance of being attracted to you as everyone else…..but you don’t want her lol.

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