Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Bonecrker #61 - There is No Pattern to a Woman's Attraction

There absolutely is no pattern whatsoever to a woman’s attraction. Or rather, just like men, they are attracted to large numbers of the opposite sex, with a rather low standard of beauty. But, unlike men, they suppress that attraction (women are sick). They don’t do that in other cultures which is why their behavior differs, I think. There is no pattern, AT ALL, to when a woman switches off her suppression of attraction. But, when she does, she rationalizes it after the fact. Often, she switches it off because she has starved herself for affection for so long that she "binges"…..goes out, gets drunk, and picks up some random guy. Not only that, but women are total cowards. Even if they are drooling over some guy, they won’t even hint at it unless the guy elicits it somehow.

There are four exceptions to this. The first is if a guy is extremely provocative, with model good looks. Often, his presence will elicit a binge in a woman. Often it won’t and he will be treated like a dog, even though he is literally, on the top of the food chain. The second is the rich guy. Women will allow themselves (or, mostly pretend to allow) themselves to become attracted to a rich guy, to get their hands on his money. The third is someone who is famous. Even a moderate amount of fame will have large numbers of women drooling over a guy. The last, is the worst of all…..evil. Larges numbers of women go through periods where they are VERY attracted to evil. Some women are like this all the time. Literally, nothing else matters about the guy…looks, station, and basic hygiene. You could (and many are) 200 pounds overweight, smell BAD, have missing teeth and beat women every chance you get, and you will be drowning in pussy from this phenomena, as long as you are an ex-con, with a drug problem. This phenomenon is probably the single biggest threat to our way of life and the general happiness and well being of everyone. It is also an extremely good reason for strict, “three strikes your out” laws. Not only don’t we want these scum on the street, but, left to their own devices, they can and do destroy large segments of our population….getting girls hooked on drugs, they are prime spreaders of AIDS and other STD’s in our social circles, destroying families, illegitimate births, etc. Permanent imprisonment is a rational, reasonable and just solution to this problem.

Anyway, my point is this. It is impossible to increase the number of women who are interested in you by increasing your “attractiveness”. You can lose weight, buff up your body, get better clothes, better style, whatever, and you may change slightly the quality of women who are interested in you, but not the number. You can also change your behavior, but that only changes who specifically reacts to you. You can be nice, or you can be playfully arrogant, or you can be a total shitheel. You can sharpen your technique or get better at the “game”. But, it’s all pointless. It may change who, but not how many. Nothing will allow you to pick and choose who, specifically, will respond.

The problem isn’t attraction. The problem isn’t with us. The PROBLEM is the neurotic behavior of women. You can’t change them. But, once you understand the situation, you can change the way you approach the problem to become more effective.
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