Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Boncecrcker #84 - Women Going for Evil Losers

...Women don’t go for the Olympic gymnast who dresses like a model….no, no, no. That would make sense. They go after the guy who looks like he might be a loser. Specifically, they go after the guy who looks like he might be an EVIL loser. Although a significant number go after the over-weight janitor of the local high school, most want the over-weight drug dealer with rotting teeth. The whole thing is sick.

Imagine, if you will, men ignoring Pamela Anderson or the girls from the Victoria Secret catalogue…..indeed, treating them like pathetic losers. All the while, chasing after crack addicts, combat boot wearing lesbians, and other women with bad BO and a bullet hole or two. And then, after reaching age 60 or so, doing Pamela Anderson a favour by going out on a date with her, but only because you know she has money. That’s the situation we have with American women in this country with regard to men here. Something is wrong with THEM.

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