Saturday, March 20, 2004

Bonecrcker #79 - Prostitution

I think the only way prostitution could ever work would be to use price fixing and extremely rigid controls to make sure that AIDS isn’t spread everywhere and that the criminal element wouldn’t dare run the show. Basically, what we have now is that the criminal element in the US runs prostitution, which is heavily entwined with drugs. It’s also the only way a normal man (i.e. a non-intravenous drug using heterosexual) can reasonably expect to catch AIDS.

If they can’t solve those two problems, they can’t legalize it. If they want to try, they should start small, like what they have in Nevada.

If you don’t fix the price, you will have most women abandoning all pretence of family and respectable living to make thousands of dollars a night as a prostitute. Of course, once they reach age 30 and can’t work anymore, society will pick up the tab for taking care of them. I mean, we already have a huge problem in this country where too large a percentage of our best looking women choose to strip instead of becoming normal decent folk. Most of these get hooked on drugs and become the absolute worst of the worst when it comes to women. How would you like that to become most women? Women are bad but most aren’t that bad. Uncontrolled, legalized prostitution would make most women as bad as the average crack whore.

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