Friday, March 19, 2004

Bonecrcker #78 - Women Are Lying About Wanting to be Empowered

The problem here is women are totally lying about wanting to be empowered. To have power, one must have independence and be self-reliant. This is the exact opposite of what women and children have been for most of human history. Instead of being independent and self-reliant (ie having power) they have been dependent and relied on men for everything. In return, there is a bunch of stuff they are expected to give men…..certain roles they must perform for the system to work.

Now, a handful of women have always been an exception. I can totally see how more women would want to have power by becoming self-reliant and independent. BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY ARE DOING! Instead, they want to be empowered but still rely and depend on men for everything. They think they can do this by creating various ways and means to force us to take care of them, both as individuals and a society, without giving anything in return. They don’t want marriage but they still want money from men via alimony and child support. They want to vote but don’t exercise wisdom in what they vote for. They want jobs but are pathetic as employees, but God forbid you fire them, you’ll get sued (plus they will trade sex for promotions).

The cure of course is to refuse to give them anything they haven’t earned. Right now they are completely full of shit when it comes to empowerment. Force them to not be full of shit. Give them jobs but fire them if they perform poorly. Don’t marry them under conditions where they bail from marriage in large numbers but force men to continue paying.

In other words, say NO to them. They want things from men. Tell them no. They want to be empowered. That means getting things for themselves. It most certainly doesn’t mean getting things from men but not giving anything for them in return.

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 ...That woman is by nature intended to obey is shown by the fact that every woman who is placed in the unnatural position of absolute independence at once attaches herself to some kind of man, by whom she is controlled and governed; this is because she requires a master. If she, is young, the man is a lover; if she is old, a priest. -- Arthur Schopenhauer - On Women (1851)