Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Bonecrcker #75 - Most Women Don't Want a Man Who Isn't Choosy

Most women absolutely will not consider a man who isn’t choosy about women. You’re being choosy comes out quite clearly and early in any encounter with her (indeed, she tests for it). Fail the test and she’s gone. Pass the test and advance to the next level. If you aren’t choosy, huge quantities of women discount you within ten seconds of meeting them. The pool increases because, even though you get rid of five, ten more see you doing this and become interested. My point here is women don’t choose you for any particular quality you have. So gaining those qualities is relatively ineffective at getting them (the opposite however isn’t true….women will discount you if you have certain negative qualities….especially being fat or not having basic fashion sense). Women primarily choose you on how far above them you are on the pecking order. They look primarily to how you treat them (nice or nasty, your message must be that they are below you) and how and who you interact with. If you kick a woman to the curb for bad behavior, you automatically become more attractive to all the others. The higher status the woman, the more attractive.

Have I mentioned that women are sick? Their behavior makes much more sense and you become much more effective with them once you accept this simple, horrible, fascinating fact of life. To understand women and what works with them, you must plumb the depths of their sickness. There really isn’t much more to them.

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