Saturday, June 05, 2004

Bonecrcker #159 - Men Who Sleep On The Couch

This topic is one of the many problems that happens when you allow a woman to weasel her way into living with you (which is part of the point as to why she wanted to). You can’t easily leave. You definitely can’t leave without destroying the relationship. Contrast this with what you could do if you weren’t living together. "Look babe, I’m just not satisfied with your behavior. I’ll be back when you decide to behave. If it happens too many times, I won’t come back."

Not sleeping with her (especially if you are sleeping with someone else) becomes empowering, rather than disempowering. Of course, she can do the same thing, but while your your desirability goes up when you do this, hers goes down. Plus, don’t kid yourself; she is going to do it anyway. Why should you accept the problems inherent in monogamy when she won’t?

My point here is, you lost the fight waaaaay back when you allowed her to move in with you, not when it comes down to her trying to get you to sleep on the couch. Also, if she is doing this, it means your relationship is over. She may hang on (sometimes for quite a bit) but the good times are done and she is looking for your replacement. This is a harsh, complicated thing when living together. But when not living together, it is as simple as erasing her number off your speed dial.

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