Friday, June 04, 2004

Bonecrcker #157 - Eating Disorders

Tolerance of deviance has allowed behaviors like eating disorders to become common place. The solution, both on the societal and personal levels is to not tolerate it. This pays off big time in many ways, and not doing it has a very high cost. Eating disorders are a very good example. If you don't dump a chick upon learning she has an eating disorder, I can absolutely guarantee that you will regret it. Sooner or later (usually sooner), something fucked up will happen to you because the chick is a psycho. She simply won’t act like a normal person. Although it is very difficult to find a woman who IS normal, there are degrees. If you do less, and expect more (especially in the character department), your love life will be MUCH better.

Most relationship experts tell you the exact opposite…..just do more for her and be tolerant of her foilables. That is a deadly mistake.

The very definition of insanity is doing what is counter to survival……refusing to eat is right up there at the top, just under refusing to breath.

That’s the point I repeatedly make over and over again with women. Their behavior is NOT explainable in any MEANINGFUL way as a derivation of survival of the fittest. What they are doing is directly counter to both our biological imperatives and the specific patterns in which humans, meet, mate, and relate. The fucked up results are predictable. When you act in a manner contrary to survival……you don’t. But, you usually don’t croak right away. You spend a certain amount of time, sick, before you go. Usually, you don’t pass on your genes. And that is EXACTLY what is happening in our society today.

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