Thursday, June 17, 2004

Bonecrcker #171 - The Problem Isn't the Body, It's the Mind

The problem isn’t the body, it’s the mind. Although the body is important for various reasons, including status, it’s not a deal breaker. What is a deal breaker is the reason WHY her body may look like that; particularly if she has good genetics (i.e. look at her when she was younger and look at her mother and siblings). Deterioration of one’s body in the face of favourable factors is a huge warning sign of a pattern of obnoxious, self-destructive behavior (if it goes so far as to manifest as drug use or an eating disorder, run, don’t walk in the other direction). It’s a package deal. Where you see one behavior, you see tons of others. And the person wants to extend that crap to YOUR life….and will be very tenacious in doing so. This is unacceptable.

Also, I’d like to point out that the attitude of not discriminating against a woman based on her body is brain-washing on their part. It is one of the key elements of a greater pattern where they try to convince men to accept less, and provide more. Don’t fall for that. Instead, always insist on full value for everything you provide her, particularly in the same area. If you are good in bed, she needs to become good in bed. If you are smart, educated and interesting to talk to, so must she be. And if you spend 5 days a week in the gym, developing that “ripped” look, guess what she needs to be doing? Why? Well, not only do you deserve it, but, if you let her slack off, she will try to slack off in all other areas. But, most important of all……she will disrespect you for it. You have the ridiculous situation that  a fat/ugly chick will consider you a loser (no matter what other qualities you possess), simply because you were willing to look past her “packaging” to see if the person inside was of value. This is that social proofing issue coming up again. Those things I do that add value to myself don’t matter. What matters is the associations I have. If I’m screwing a hot chick, I must be hot. If a lot of people are listening to me, I must be interesting. But, if I screw a homely chick, there must be something wrong with me…..even to the homely chick.

Women are sick.

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