Monday, June 28, 2004

Bonecrcker #183 - Ladder Theory

The problem with Ladder Theory is it assumes women make choices based on an objective evaluation of the value of a man that is commonly agreed upon. All you have to do is look around to see that isn’t true. If anything, we have a big problem in our culture with criminal status men gaining access to normal and high status women…..often ruining them in the process. Also, the idea that there is a friend ladder and a sex ladder isn’t true. People can and do “hop ladders” all the time, with little or no effort, simply by changing their behavior toward the person. If anything, women keep their so-called male friends as a “dick in reserve”. Is that really a separate ladder? No. She is just giving a guy that should be given high priority because of his traits (looks, personality etc.) low priority because he isn’t acting in the way that stimulates her neurotic personality correctly.

The problem with women is they are nuts. When you meet them and start to get “involved” with them, from your perspective, you are building a relationship……something real, that has permanence over time. That’s what people who are involved are supposed to be doing. But that’s not what she is doing. From her point of view, although she gives lip service to the relationship, she will only stick around for as long as you provoke strong feelings in her. The moment you slip, even if you are married with kids for 20 years, she is gone. The sicker ones don’t care if the feelings are positive or negative. Want to hop ladders? Learn to provoke strong feelings in her. She’ll jump your bones.

Ladder theory is the way things should be. Want a hot, high status, young, fertile woman? Then go to the gym until your body looks like a model’s, wear expensive fashionable clothes, and get a high-paying, high-status job where you are the boss. Sounds great. Those are all things a powerful, motivated man can and usually will do. There is a problem though. IT DOESN’T WORK. Women don’t give priority to men like that. They say they do, but their behavior doesn’t match up with this. You’ll get more play as a dirty, dishevelled member of a rock band that is going nowhere fast or as a drug dealer. Even the women that do go for the man with money are only looking to exploit him. They don’t want him, they want his money. Of course, they don’t want a strong man with money (because he’ll keep her on a tight leash). They want a WEAK, low status man with money.

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