Monday, June 21, 2004

Bonecrcker #176 - Women Making More Money Than Their Husbands

QUOTE: "I don’t mind making more than my husband. I put that as an example b/c I knew someone would say “Height cannot change, but weight can.” Income can also change, and men feel uncomfortable with that requirement. It would not matter to me."

I think most people who don’t have money have completely the wrong idea about this. A husband and wife do not compete or compare when it comes to incomes. Nor does the man bring home the bacon while any money the woman has is for play (this is the dominant attitude in couples with disposable income). People work together to make money. That’s one of the secrets rich people have. It’s how they got rich. Often, you’ll see couples with complementary skills. One spouse has the money generating skills (business person, or professional usually) and the other has the money management skills (typically lawyer, accountant or real estate broker). If you are a man or a woman and you want wealth from your marriage, THAT’S the way to get it.

This is an example of what I mean by neurosis when it comes to choosing men that most women have. It is completely appropriate for a woman to have certain reasonable standards when it comes to income. Pretty much, you have to have a job and you have to have a roof over your head. Why? Because a man who doesn’t is usually an omega male….and outcast, drug dealer, wife beater……a loser. What a woman should look for in a man are skills, goals, and focus…..particularly those that are in line with her own. For example, say you just happen to be a lawyer, you probably would want to hook up with another professional, say an accountant. Together, you live well below your means and invest your extra income in a business and use your collective skills to nurture it. You will make more money than God.

But that’s not what most women do. Having no real interest in money at all, they know that men who have a lot of money are rare and SIMPLY WANT THE STATUS OF BEING WITH A RARE MAN. Who cares if he actually sucks as a man? Or worse, she wants to steal his money. Any way you slice it, that’s a recipe for disaster.

Men should ALWAYS show a woman he has tons of skills, well developed (written) goals and a laser-like focus. But, he must be very careful to keep the fact that he has money well hidden. It attracts the wrong type of woman.

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