Friday, June 25, 2004

Bonecrcker #180 - Sarcasm

Sarcasm has two meanings when a woman uses it. When she says she is sarcastic, what she means is she will be mean to you, try to cut you down and make you feel bad with humour that belittles you. But when she says she is looking for a lover who is sarcastic, what she means is she wants a guy who engages in light hearted teasing with sexual undertones (think little boys chasing little girls around the playground to tug on their hair), often busting her balls, challenging her about her beliefs etc. in a way that is best defined as cocky. In family type relationships, older siblings often do this to younger siblings as a normal way of fostering bonding and closeness. It’s natural and normal for a woman to want that from her man. It’s neither natural nor normal for a woman to want to be what she is calling “sarcastic”. Don’t fall for the double-speak. When used to describe a man, it means affectionate. When used to describe a woman, it means abusive. Very rarely, you will run into a woman who is “sarcastic” like she wants from a man. She is trying to prime the pump to get you to act the same way, and she never calls herself sarcastic. It is very easy to tell the difference. It has a benevolent quality, rather than a malevolent one (this also goes for weeding out the rare abusive man, BTW).

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