Saturday, June 12, 2004

Bonecrcker #166 - Seeking After Money Is Not An Effective Means Of Getting Women

My whole point in posting this research is to show that, no, seeking after money is NOT an effective means of getting women and sex. What’s going on here is two-fold. First, women are women are choosing most sexual partners at random with a small percentage of women (gold diggers) choosing a man based on money (only lots of money will do) but as a means of exploitation and have having no intention of doing anything but burning the relationship to get their hands on that money. Second, most women are lying about the randomness thing. They list a whole bunch of attributes (including income) that they want in a man. When they randomly reject you, they bring up lack in any of these attributes as the reason, and the very next day are with someone who has none of the attributes on that list. Hypocrisy. Income (height is another one) is a favourite because women list qualifications that only a tiny fraction of men meet. It’s a handy way to reject you. However, it’s total bullshit. The truth is, if she won’t her sister will or her friends will. That is the truth. Men can (and do) make themselves crazy trying to meet the qualifications of women. They work out obsessively, work 80 hour weeks, dress in insanely expensive clothes, get all manner of plastic surgery, and a lot of other goofy stuff to try and “measure up”. It just doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because the idea of objective measures of a man is just a scam. Women are lying.

If you redid this study with other objective measures…..things like lean muscle mass, height, education, dominance, whatever, you would find the exact same thing. The only exceptions would be fame (if you are on TV, you are going to get laid) and deviance (criminal history, drugs, violence etc.)

This has implications for a man’s strategies for dealing with women. Work on THEM, work on the situation, don’t waste time working on yourself.

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