Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Bonecrcker #170 - Normal Looking Girls Get Hit On More Than Hot Looking Women

QUOTE: "Haven’t you ever seen like 200 men go after the same blonde bimbo?"

Want to know a few secrets? The first is that normal looking girls get hit on WAY more than hot looking women. Why? Because men care about sex, not about challenge. We’re really not interested in competing with other men over a woman. No, what we want is sex. And to most men, the normal looking girl seems more in the realm of getting some with little effort. And, quite frankly, women are something of a commodity with men. Without the depth of a relationship, one woman is pretty much as good as another. This is the very harsh price women pay for making relationships built on bullshit fantasy, exploitation and appearances rather than on depth, loyalty and commitment. Quite literally, there is no reason for a man to commit or put more than a minor amount of energy into any one woman. The second is that hot looking women are deeply, DEEPLY insecure. They KNOW that although the packaging looks nice (something they are not at all sure of), what’s inside is of dubious value. When bored or anxious, they will do almost anything to alleviate the problem. Lastly, there are major constraints over men’s behavior in society. Even though the instinct is for tons of men to go after every woman at every opportunity, we rarely do. What I mean by that is you only see that behavior in certain specific situations…..for example, online dating, or at the club. The rest of the time, men are all around but none are on the hunt. Much of the time, a man who approaches women in normal, everyday situations, has the tremendous advantage that the woman he is chasing has gone an extended period of time with nobody showing interest, even (maybe especially) if she is some hot blonde. This is the harsh price women pay for not doing their part of the mating dance. However, a lot of women specifically seek out situations where men hunt them en masse, so this can skew their perception. They never notice that any man of worth stays away from those situations.

So the answer to your question is no. That only happens at the sex club or when trolling AOL. The truth is that women are much more highly motivated to get men than men are to get women. They just suck at it, on almost all levels. To put it another way, how many girls are satisfied with their love lives? Damn few.

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