Monday, June 14, 2004

Bonecrcker #168 - You Can't Assume You Are Dealing With Nice, Normal, Rational, Loving People

You can't assume you are dealing with nice, normal, rational, loving people when you deal with women. Since that isn’t even close to being true, making a situation come out right is much more a function of enforcing your will on them, than convincing them with rational arguments. First, cultivate power, and then use that power to force the other person to do what you want, then choose what you want them to do wisely. Yes, men and women should both come to the table with the idea that acting in a good and loving manner will result in a relationship with almost unlimited potential and fulfillment. The problem is, I can pretty much guarantee that the woman will not be coming from this position and, instead will be looking to do as little as possible, be as little invested as possible, and be as sick as possible. In order to prevent that, you must be the one who calls the shots in all things. The words benevolent dictator comes to mind. Problem is, our society and legal system are completely dedicated to wiping out your power, even punishing you, if you dare to marry or get her pregnant. They will even cooperate with the sicker ones to bust your balls outside that arrangement if you aren’t careful.

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