Sunday, June 20, 2004

Bonecrcker #175 - Do Women Really Choose Men, Or Do Men Choose Women?

QUOTE: "women still have yea or nay choice even with the supposed initiation power men possess."

This is not nearly as cut and dried as you might think. Yes, when it comes down to one man pursuing one woman, it’s the woman who decides. However, at least in our culture, only men do the pursuing. The woman is FORCED (mostly by her own foolish neurosis) to only be able to choose from among those who chase her. It’s a pretty limited pool most of the time. However, I can choose to chase as many women as I want…..a pool limited only by time constraints. My personal choice for handling this issue is to pursue a great many women, but only a tiny bit. Most could not care less about me. They get barely a second look. A much smaller amount are interested in me (the prime attribute I use for deciding to put any energy of any type toward a woman). A small subset of them are highly motivated to get me. They get the lions share of my attention. Constantly searching out more and more women means this pool is always relatively large and I AM THE ONE WHO GETS TO CHOOSE AMONG THEM. Who has the choice now? Out of 100 chicks, I might approach 10, follow up with 3 and choose to sleep with one of them. 90% of those girls get nothing more than the once over from me. Ten get a polite conversation. Three will want to be with me. But I will only choose one based on how motivated she is to please me and certain other factors that are just my personal taste. A woman has to take what she can get. I do not…..provided I am willing to go out and get it. How much control does a woman really have over initiation behavior when I’m the one who chooses if I want to initiate with her?

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