Monday, June 07, 2004

Bonecrcker #161 - The old "Fat But Working On It" Line

You need to be leery of the old "fat but working on it" line. When a man says this, what he means is he has carefully researched what works, has set goals and a method of monitoring his progress, and is in the process of implementing his plan. Six months to a year later, he will be fit.

What a WOMAN means when she says this, is she is eating disordered, spends most of the year binging as part of a destructive shame spiral, and is engaging in various extreme, bizarre, mostly ineffective behaviours (vomiting, diuretics, fasting, laxatives, fad diets etc.) out of desperation. Six months to a year later, she will be fatter than ever. Often she will lose a few pounds, snag a man, and then balloon way up again (a lot of the time this is on purpose with the point of being disrespectful). But none of this is the REAL problem. The real problem is the woman is a neurotic mess. Her behavior in all areas of her life is insane, self-defeating and self-destructive (especially with regard to relationships). If you give her the chance, she will try and include you in the pattern. One of the first things she will do is sabotage your own fitness, in a calculated campaign to make you fat. If you have other bad habits you have conquered (for example, smoking), she will try to bring those back too. Now, most women do this to a certain extent, but not nearly to the degree that a “fat chick” does.

Just say no.

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