Thursday, June 10, 2004

Bonecrcker #164 - The Media Is Being Used Against Us

Haven’t you guys seen enough evidence that media, in a pretty blanket fashion, is being used against us? I mean, turn on the TV at any time of the day and you will see something, a show, a commercial, a news item that portrays men in a very negative light. How can this be anything but a concerted campaign against us? Why can’t you see how the news media is a big part of this and how the feminist agenda is just part of a larger agenda to disempower you in some weird social experiment. It doesn’t get any plainer than showing who voted for what or showing specific, extreme examples of the bias (no…the manipulation of the news to serve a cause against our best interest). Who do you think is passing the laws that make marriage a very bad idea (hence, cutting men off from one of the prime determinants of a happy life), grossly perverting other laws on the bench, and presenting the feminist lies in every print, TV, movie and other media that exists. They aren’t exactly subtle about it either.

I’m making a very specific point about this. That point is that feminism and the ass-raping laws that they have been responsible for are only one head of a hydra. You can’t deal with the feminists without dealing with their allies and the agenda that ties them all together.

Do I care about the stupid liberal bias trying to paint the Iraq war as a disaster? Hell no, I don’t. Except for all my tax money flowing into that cesspool, I don’t really care about Iraq. What I care about is the blatant attempt to manipulate the next presidential election and shift the political balance of power. Why do I care about this? Because once in, they want to pass even more ass-raping laws (hey, how would you like to become financially responsible for kids your girlfriend has from some other man, 3 years after you dumped her or other fun stuff like that). They want to put even more women-only agenda judges on the bench. And they will really ramp up the media showing men in an even worse light, promoting lesbianism as an alternative, and sick lifestyles like being a drug whore or gangbanger in an even more positive light.

I prefer to say NO, to that nonsense.

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