Sunday, June 13, 2004

Bonecrcker #167 - Advice For Women On Inviting Guys To Approach You

You need to understand that women in this country are completely socially inept and have stopped all relationship starting behavior. That leaves the field wide open for you (a woman who knows what she is doing) with little to no competition. See a guy you like? Look at him and smile as an invitation to approach. Likely, it is quite rare for him to get signals from women, no matter who he is, what he looks like or anything else about him. He may be surrounded by women who want him but NONE of them will invite him to approach. You can swoop right in and pluck him out of the crowd easy. The downside to this is he has gone so long without this happening that he might not recognize your invitation. Just be firm and repeat it several times. Eventually, he’ll come on over. Talk lightly and steer the conversation to mutual interests and then mention you might want to do one of those together. Give him your phone number and bam; you have a date with a guy you are highly attracted to. This is easy for women to do and tough as hell for a man to do. Why? Because women get an idea in their head about the type of man they want (usually a random one at that) and are not open at all to anyone else, plus they try to keep any attraction a big secret until Mr. Right just decides to aggressively pursue them as some random encounter (yah, that works well…..not). Usually what happens is a woman gets lonely and bored and then grabs whoever just happens to be hitting on her aggressively, as a stop-gap measure. Men, on the other hand, are open to any woman of reasonable quality that seems interested in him.

What really burns my nut about the whole thing is the exception to this situation……the scumbag. Women will chase and do all sorts of freaky things for a scumbag, including competing over his sorry ass. That sort of behavior is quite natural to do for alpha males. It is decidedly unnatural and sick to do with fucked up losers.

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