Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Bonecrcker #162 - Women's "Requirements" in a Man

QUOTE: I’ve been turned down for a date because the girl only wanted to date a guy with blue eyes. Mine are brown. So I didn’t get a date. And yes, as you can tell, I’m all broken up over it. Yeah.

The correct response to something like this is to laugh in the woman’s face, roll your eyes in that “I can’t believe what a fucking loser you are” manner and walk away. When a woman has a weird attitude like this, she is telling you quite clearly, and in no uncertain terms, that something is wrong with her. She doesn’t know how to play the game and will likely end up failing at it. Either she will end up with nobody or she will end up with an obese, ugly, smelly, unemployed guy…..with blue eyes.

This is a lot different than a woman saying, "I want a guy I’m heavily attracted to physically." Or "I want a guy who I find interesting to talk to." Or one of lots of different criteria that fall under personal taste. Those things speak directly to the enjoyment of her being with the guy. Blue eyes don’t fit the bill with that. It shows she is clueless about how her choices affect the quality of her life. One day, she will look back at her crappy as hell life and go, “How the hell did I end up here?”

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