Saturday, June 19, 2004

Bonecrcker #174 - The Measure Of A Person's Worth Is Their Actions

QUOTE: "Women only hold the value men assign to them. So, if men don’t value our vaginas or other parts, then we are probably practically useless to them."

Lol, you don’t understand women or yourself (let alone men) very well if you think that. The measure of a person’s worth, man or woman, is their actions…..what they do with their life, the virtues they cultivate and the way they impact the world. EVERY person is in full control of their worth. Further, how other people view you has virtually no bearing at all on your worth. You have the sole authority and responsibility to judge your own actions. The better you are at doing this and in choosing what you do wisely, the more empowered you become. Weak, fucked up people will try to deny what you are. But they are nothing to the person who cultivates power this way. Also, unlike the fucked up manipulator, a worthy person never lacks for friends, allies and others who will help him.

This is the difference between a whore and a woman of quality. Most American women choose to be whores (and cheap whores at that)….then they wonder why they are of low worth. Too many American women aren’t satisfied to just be a whore; they strive to be a $5 crack whore instead of a $500 a night high class whore.

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