Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Bonecrcker #169 - America Is Not A Socialist Country?

QUOTE: "America is not a Socialist country. In fact we are the LEAST socialist country on earth. We have the lowest taxes of any developed country so I don’t know where you guys keep getting this socialist crap from.

Feminist is one thing, Socialist is another."

You guys are right, I really should be more careful in what I mean, but there is no specific term for it. For example, communism is a dirty word. But not because there is anything wrong with that model (even though it is a bit unrealistic). What makes communism a dirty word are the specific PEOPLE who identify themselves with communism, give lip service to that system but are involved in all sorts of crazy shit that isn’t too related to the values they supposedly hold. Socialism has a very similar thing going on in a great many countries but hasn’t yet been revealed as being quite as bad. Here in the US, although the same people are involved with the same pattern of behavior, they don’t call themselves socialists. They call themselves liberals. Part of the problem is these malevolent shadow players adopt a name with a well defined set of goals and values to hide what they are doing. Their goals, values and behaviours are way out of line with what the name implies. The biggest example of this I can think of is feminism.

The specific part of the “socialist” agenda I’m talking about is the forced redistribution of wealth by centralized violence via alimony/child support and the attempt to dilute/remove the family as the prime source of socialization and values for children and replace them with the government (conveniently replacing good values with ones the socialists need to manipulate people with that are quite frankly immoral). Also, through various means they have set up a system where a person can be a very low quality human being and still survive, even thrive and multiply. They have removed many of the perks a person gets for being a good person. The biggest one of these is being treated with preference and respect by women. That prize now goes to men who are scum….thanks to direct manipulation and brain washing by these people.

Although centralization is a key element of what these people are about, that isn’t their defining characteristic. And you are right, the US is much less socialistic (in the real sense of the word) than many other countries. The defining characteristic is the ABUSE of that centralization….turning it away from its intended purpose (usually leaving that purpose unfulfilled) to serve a fucked up purpose. They hijack our institutions and twist them to evil ends.

Although removing all elements of socialism from our society would solve the problem, it would also bring about other problems. Perhaps it would be better to say that we need to regain control of those institutions from these evil bastards and reform them. However, certain socialistic institutions are highly inappropriate and have always been abused harshly and their reason for being was mostly a lie. Child support and alimony are right at the top of the list for that.

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